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Week 18 — Quantum Psychophysical Parallelism — Seriously!


Don’t you just love serendipity?  Meeting someone new that you feel like you’ve always known? Finding something perfect that you didn’t even know you were looking for? Going somewhere for no reason at all, and seeing a friend you hadn’t seen for years?

Well, that happened to me at the local library the other day. I was looking for one of the authors that we’ve been reading about and a book caught my eye — “God is Not Dead; What Quantum Physics tells us about our origins and how we should live.” Seeing only the first part of the title, I quickly pulled it off the shelf, thinking it might be the source of the movie of the similar name. Then I saw the rest of the title and really got excited. I have been fascinated by this new science since reading Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief,” and hearing him speak on Coast 2 Coast.

You would think that a book with this title, written by a professor emeritus in nuclear physics, Amit Goswami, PhD, would be deadly boring and completely incomprehensible by us common folks, but as I flipped through the pages, I was intrigued. He was explaining, in scientific but very entertaining ways, exactly what we are learning from Madino and Haanel! Here’s a brief example:

This way of conceptualizing can be called a “quantum psychophysical parallelism.” It is consciousness that maintains the parallelism of the inner psyche and the outer world, and it is consciousness that causally chooses the experiences of both the outer and the parallel inner thus mediating between them… (yes I know I said it was fun and easy–just wait)…It is like drawing a sketch of a subtle mental picture on a gross canvas to see it better. The mental picture acts like a blueprint that you represent on canvas. This is the central secret of how the world operates. Manifest reality, the world of our inner and outer experiences, is run by one central intentionality:  to allow quantum consciousness, God, to experience its subtlest aspects, the supramental archetypes (such as love) in gross manifestations.”

Did you catch that word “blueprint”? or “manifest”? This is just a tidbit out of the first chapter, but I really hope it encourages someone to get this book and read more. It just adds such depth to what we’re studying about our amazing Creator and the universe we inhabit. Of course, as a firm believer in God’s word, I was interested to read Dr. Goswami’s response to the question, “You don’t subscribe to the idea that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God?”

“No. But I do the next best thing. I show that the category of people to which Jesus belonged all have regular access to a state of consciousness—call it the Holy Spirit–that is truly the only begotten Son of God…. For millennia, we humans have intuited God and have searched. What we have found has inspired us to be good, nonviolent, and loving. But we have mostly failed to live up to our intuitions of how to be good, how to love. In our frustration, we have become defensive; we have become believers of God who have to defend the idea of God as an excuse for the inability to live up to that idea. This has given us religious proselytizing, fundamentalism, even terrorism–all in the name of God.” 

At the end of the 290-plus pages, Dr. Goswami talks about Jesus as a possible “avatara,” the Hindu word for a fully transformed person, similar to Krishna and Buddha, who restored spirituality to their societies. I would just like to ask him if any of these avataras actually suffered death to pay for the sins of his people. But that’s another story for another time.

I think I’ll renew this book (it’s due tomorrow) to see if I can find time to read a bit more — and to see if I’ve baited the hook with enough tempting thoughts to catch another reader or two that would like to share comments. Happy manifesting!


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Who am I? I have to think about that...a loner who really likes people, a "tomboy" more comfortable in jeans who enjoys dressiing up, a country girl who is fascinated by city life (for a few minutes anyway), a writer who would rather read, a homebody who looks forward to traveling (my goal next year-a river cruise in Portugal), a conservative with a liberal heart, a Bible student intrigued by the new mind other words, a simple 74-year-old full of contradictions, still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Also, must confess to being addicted to Coast-2-Coast radio when I can't sleep (except October, when the dark side takes over).

4 thoughts on “Week 18 — Quantum Psychophysical Parallelism — Seriously!

  1. Wow- Mary Lou, I am fascinated! Cant wait to find this book and dig in…

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  2. Thanks Mary Lou I will have to check it out. Be Well

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  3. The more I read the better it gets, and I’m only in Chapter 5 of 21 — looking forward to your thoughts!


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