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Week 10 — And the Grass Grows Green


Is it just coincidence that Mandino’s scrolls seem to mesh exactly in some way with the Master Key reading each week?  One phrase jumped out to me from the third scroll — “…where the dry desert ends, green grass grows.” Immediately I pictured the painful struggle to cross barren landscapes (picture southeastern California) and the sheer relief to finally reach the lush irrigated pastures that have been planted and cultivated there, just waiting to be enjoyed.

Then I was challenged to sit and imagine watching a seed sprout and grow and develop into a luscious fragrant blossom – an exercise I really enjoyed, since I had just planted an amarylis bulb that should bloom by Christmas. Since I watch the pale green triangular (hint-think green triangles=associations) leaves push steadily upwards daily, it was fun to imagine the roots beneath also branching out, seeking nutrition and water to support that growth.

That led to the Master Key for Week 10, relating the physical interaction between organic and inorganic, which Henry Drummond lamented, (as he wrote a century ago before our modern technology) “Science is silent” as to how this interaction takes place. I remembered reading a beautifully illustrated article in a gardening magazine explaining in word and drawing exactly how the interchange takes place, when the living plant cells and the lifeless minerals combine at the molecular level — God’s creativity in action!

It gets even better:  #8:  But as the plant reaches down into the mineral world and touches it with the mystery of life, so the Universal Mind reaches down into the human mind and endows it with new, strange, wonderful and even marvelous qualities. #13:  This creative power depends upon our recognition of the potential power of spirit or mind and must not be confused with Evolution. Creation is the calling into existence of that which does not exist in the objective world. Evolution is simply the unfolding of potentialities involved in things which already exist.

Now some food for thought. As I read the Bible, I can see (ooops, computer just glitched again and I lost the whole paragraph of my thoughts tying this altogether…oh well — (no negative opinion about this old computer!) — it’s past bedtime, so maybe I’ll have better ones in the morning.)

(Next afternoon — think my subby is on vacation –still  can’t remember all that really good stuff, so will publish before the week ends, and add a P.S. next week, or look for a teammate insight or two??)


Author: masterkey4MaryLou

Who am I? I have to think about that...a loner who really likes people, a "tomboy" more comfortable in jeans who enjoys dressiing up, a country girl who is fascinated by city life (for a few minutes anyway), a writer who would rather read, a homebody who looks forward to traveling (my goal next year-a river cruise in Portugal), a conservative with a liberal heart, a Bible student intrigued by the new mind other words, a simple 74-year-old full of contradictions, still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Also, must confess to being addicted to Coast-2-Coast radio when I can't sleep (except October, when the dark side takes over).

3 thoughts on “Week 10 — And the Grass Grows Green

  1. haha, well, you got all the good stuff in anyway, so the Subby maybe wanted to save some for coming week;-)
    Nice reading your blog! Thank you, beautiful you!
    Enjoy this journey!


  2. Love your description of the flower and the green triangels! It really is fun to discover all your DMP goals and all your wonderful achievements around you, isn’t it?


  3. MaryLou, Thank you for your beautiful post with all your references to nature. It makes me want to get out of my chair and go for a walk, even though it’s quite cold outside! As Haanel writes, “Everywhere Nature is lavish.” Thanks again for your insights!


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