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Week 9 – Who Am I, Really?


One of the first assignments in this workshop was to memorize our “Blueprint Builder,” the goal of which is to create in my mind “the clear mental picture” of the person I intend to become. Over the past few weeks we have been challenged to imagine meeting with that person, a stranger to us at present, and become best of friends. One exercise to enhance this process has been to post a short poem on our mirror, that reminds us to look ourselves in the eyes before retiring at night and ask that one in the mirror how we did that day, because as the poem says in part:

He/she’s the one to please, never mind all the rest,

For he/she’s with you clear up to the end,

And you’ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test

If the one in the glass is your friend…

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,

and get pats on the back as you pass,

But your final reward will be heartaches and tears,

If you’ve cheated the one in the glass.

Okay, now I’m sure that anyone reading this who isn’t in this workshop has decided that I’ve totally lost my Christianity, Alzheimer’s has struck, I’ve been captured by aliens (too much Coast-2-Coast radio!) or the neighbor’s marijuana grow has invaded my kale crop!

Not so — This very scientific workshop has been constructed so carefully to allow us to discover the unique and amazing beings God created us to be, before all the experiences of life pushed most of us into settling for far less that He had planned for us to be and do. Now I am beginning to understand what those who experienced these six grueling months last year meant when they said it was the hardest, but the best, work they had ever experienced.

I began to glimpse a bit of what awaited me when we were assigned Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on Compensation, which is so full of thought-provoking ideas that I see something new every time I read it. Here are a few sentences on the last page that made me want to quit this whole process immediately, being so in love with my comfort zone!

The changes which break up at short intervals the prosperity of men are advertisements of a nature whose law is growth…But to us, in our lapsed estate, resting, not advancing, resisting, not cooperating with the divine expansion, this growth comes by shocks…We cannot part with our friends. We cannot let our angels go. We do not see that they only go out, that archangels may come in. We are idolaters of the old. We do not believe there is any force in today to rival or recreate that beautiful yesterday. We linger in the ruins of the old tent…[Calamity] terminates an epoch…which was waiting to be closed, breaks up a wonted occupation, or a household, or style of living, and allows the formation of new ones more friendly to the growth of character.

But I didn’t quit — even though my subby has been working overtime to at least slow me down as I keep chipping off all those layers of concrete — the ruins of the old tent that no longer serves me. I do not want to keep doing what hasn’t worked for all these years, so as God’s word says, I am being transformed by the renewing of my mind, that I may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2) What started out as a means to improve my business has turned into a way to vastly improve my life! I just love God’s sense of humor — He does have His ways to get me back on His path — the abundant life that He promised me when I became His child (John 10:10).

So I embrace the Seven Day Mental Diet (no negativity – period!), I embrace all the requirements for reading, writing, speaking affirmations, (finally got started recording them to music, thanks to teammate Izanna’s generous help), being accountable, and masterminding (just discovered two teammates within a 20-minute drive, one of whom I’ve already done business with — small world!) And life is looking better all the time — I think a bit of the gold is glinting through as I greet each day, each person, and myself with Love.


Author: masterkey4MaryLou

Who am I? I have to think about that...a loner who really likes people, a "tomboy" more comfortable in jeans who enjoys dressiing up, a country girl who is fascinated by city life (for a few minutes anyway), a writer who would rather read, a homebody who looks forward to traveling (my goal next year-a river cruise in Portugal), a conservative with a liberal heart, a Bible student intrigued by the new mind other words, a simple 74-year-old full of contradictions, still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Also, must confess to being addicted to Coast-2-Coast radio when I can't sleep (except October, when the dark side takes over).

4 thoughts on “Week 9 – Who Am I, Really?

  1. Mary Lou, this is awesome! You have nailed it. What a great change your have experienced. Its great to see how much things have changed for you. Its all the little things that add up to make a wonderful change for us and transform our lives.
    Be Well Be blessed


  2. I´m sure you´r not captured by aliens ….. but I´m offcourse in the workshop too…. :-). I love the way you write. It is amusing to read. Love to you!


    • Hi Maria, Enjoy your comments – it’s fun to stay in touch and keep encouraging one another! I am determined to get all these connections (colors, shapes, affirmations, etc.) made so I can enjoy the “payoff” too. Blessings!

      On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 2:25 AM, MaryLou Hits the Restart Button wrote:



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