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Week 2 – Overwhelmed? No way!


How I appreciated the reminder that feeling like this is all just too much, is simply my comfortable subby self luring me back into the “going nowhere fast” life, and I absolutely refuse to listen! I finished this week’s “chore” at noon today, and have managed to keep up with the scroll readings 3xday, even if not quite on the schedule — my noon-five afternoon workshop yesterday had my lunch-time reading at 6 pm, but still before dinner, so I counted it. Now all I have to do is the 15-min “statue” drill, which I’ve been combining with the 30-min “visualize the new me” exercise.  Anyone else have trouble with seeing the new you?

One of the sentences in Scroll One that really spoke to me is on page 54: “I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits, and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my future.” The picture of my “imprisoned future” just jumped out at me — talk about an incentive to get to work on the blueprint for the person I intend to become. So the silent statue drill has been a good tool to focus on something I’ve never taken the time to think about, more than just joking through the years about not knowing what I’m going to be when I grow up. At this stage in life, the realization has finally hit me that I better get busy — this isn’t a rehearsal, it’s the real deal!

So, 15-min-sit, then it’s off to Bible study, then back to the last readings of the day, and retiring with a true sense of accomplishment. I  feel so blessed to be a part of this unique gift because I know, without a doubt, it is changing my life for the better. Thank you again, Mark and Davene, for your willingness to take the chance on this experiment — may God continue to bless you richly!


Author: masterkey4MaryLou

Who am I? I have to think about that...a loner who really likes people, a "tomboy" more comfortable in jeans who enjoys dressiing up, a country girl who is fascinated by city life (for a few minutes anyway), a writer who would rather read, a homebody who looks forward to traveling (my goal next year-a river cruise in Portugal), a conservative with a liberal heart, a Bible student intrigued by the new mind other words, a simple 74-year-old full of contradictions, still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Also, must confess to being addicted to Coast-2-Coast radio when I can't sleep (except October, when the dark side takes over).

8 thoughts on “Week 2 – Overwhelmed? No way!

  1. Awesome job on your first two blogs. You hung in there, sat still, and made it happen! You rock! I’m honored to be sharing this Journey of a Lifetime with you!


  2. Wow! I love the part …”this is not a rehearsal, this is the real deal!” It takes courage to be willing to get out of the cozy blanket we know so well and venture out. You are doing it! Congratulations!

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  3. Sounds like you are finding your way. Break those bars down!


  4. Loved reading your blog… I can literally feel your excitement and enthusiasm… so excited to be part of this journey with you! #MKMMA


  5. I can totally relate to the fact that time is short and I must finally work on the blueprint for becoming that person I really want to be. It’s hard chipping away the concrete to find the golden me inside but with help, I will do it. “I will persist until I succeed.! As the GSW says “the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. GOOD habits are the key to all success.’ You are working hard at developing new habits–keep up the good work.
    Good for you.


  6. Great Job. I am happy to be sharing this journey with you. I know i will learn much from your blogs. Blogs are a really scary thing for me at the moment. I will learn.


  7. I am so glad to read that you are not overwhelmed, very encouraging for me. I to do not want to have an imprisoned future …


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