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Week 1 — Never Give Up!

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If anyone wonders why there was “nothing found” on my first blog, it’s because I have no idea what I’m doing, and had missed confirming my email address to set up my account. Fortunately, my new friend Paul, who introduced me to MKMMA, showed me where I had goofed, so now I’m ready to roll…but unable to go back and work on the first one.

Now I wish I could change the name of my blog after seeing how most have used their own names to make it easier to know who’s who…but guess I’m just stuck doing it “my way.”  My next step seems to be to get a photo and bio in place, so will learn something else new.

So far, the easiest task for me has been the sitting still — after all, I have sat almost still for over an hour trying to figure out how to get this started!  Does it still count if you kind of nod off while sitting upright – without moving your head, of course! The most challenging, beside the DMP, will be the memorization of the Blueprint Builder. I wrote it out in cursive, which was a real task as I have printed everything since my college days. But I thought maybe my brain might get more involved with having to think about forming every word a bit differently. Also, reading it from the hand-written sheet instead of the workbook copy takes more work, so possibly the combination will have a bigger impact?

I hope this is enough to count for my first blog — looking forward to seeing how others do this so I can improve!  Blessings..


Author: masterkey4MaryLou

Who am I? I have to think about that...a loner who really likes people, a "tomboy" more comfortable in jeans who enjoys dressiing up, a country girl who is fascinated by city life (for a few minutes anyway), a writer who would rather read, a homebody who looks forward to traveling (my goal next year-a river cruise in Portugal), a conservative with a liberal heart, a Bible student intrigued by the new mind other words, a simple 74-year-old full of contradictions, still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Also, must confess to being addicted to Coast-2-Coast radio when I can't sleep (except October, when the dark side takes over).

One thought on “Week 1 — Never Give Up!

  1. This post made me smile! You mention nodding off during the “Sit” and I have to say, “I did that too!” Maybe that was because, for me, it was after midnight! LOL


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